small flight case with silver corners

All shapes and sizes

All Lemsford flight cases are custom made on an order-by-order basis. Here is just a small selection ranging from small battery boxes to a wardrobe sized case.

Panasonic BT-LH1700WE LCD video monitor case

LCD monitor in case front view

This operational monitor case for the Panasonic BT-LH1700WE flatscreen video monitor contains a built-in tilt frame and sunshade so the monitor remains mounted in the case while in use. A standard lighting spigot is also supplied with the case.

For more information and images about this case and please visit our online shop. We also do cases for other LCD monitor make and models.

Equipment case

Medium sized case - wide and short

A medium sized case with standard metal ball corners, two twist catches and a locking surface catch and recessed carrying handle on top.

Tape case

tape case with stackable metal-ball corners

A tape case with special stackable metal ball corners. The twist catch has a locking eye that can be used with a padlock for additional security.

Battery box

small case with silver corners

A small battery box with silver plastic corners and a twist catch.

Larger cases

Very large case with small case for scale.

This shows one of our larger cases (wardrobe sized) next to a small camera case to give a sense of scale. This is not the largest case we have made, that record is held by a specialist camera case that was 3.5 metres long.

Battery box

small case with silver corners

A small battery box with silver plastic corners and a twist catch.

Briefcase style

small briefcase style flight case

A small case with briefcase style handle and non-locking surface catches.

Instrument case

Flat case

A flat case with briefcase style carrying handle and 2 lockable surface catches.

Director's video playback station

rear view of mini video edit station in custom flight case

A small video playback monitor and tape drive housed in a custom case. Removable lids front and back give access to equipment in-situ so it can be used without wasting any time unpacking.

A clip-on sunshade is also provided for the screen.

All cables (and sunshade) stored inside case during transport.

front view back view close up of sunshade attachment

Camera foam insert

small case with silver corners

We also manufacture and supply custom foam inserts (foam packs) for all other types of cases and bags.

Folding Equipment Trolley

Folding Equipment Trolley

This heavy duty equipment trolley can fold flat for transit. Note: This trolley is currently no longer produced and minimum order qty would be 10 units.